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About Kenlloyd Logistics Limited


Kenlloyd Logistics Limited is a private limited liability company incorporated under the Company Act Cap 110 of the Laws of Uganda.

On inception the business of the company was clearing and forwarding having customs agency license from the Uganda Revenue Authority & Kenya Revenue Authority.

The company has now diversified into Petroleum Marketing and Commodity Trading. Logistics has continued to be integral in all company business.

Given the harsh economic and geographical conditions in our region and continent in general, logistics continue to play a success factor in most enterprises.

Kenlloyd Logistics Uganda Limited is a private limited liability company (herein after referred to as "the company") which was incorporate in Kampala, Uganda in 2nd May 1997. The company has its Head Office in Kampala and has diversified over the years.

The company is now a regional conglomerate with interests in Trade and Logistics. The company LoB lines of business entails the following:-

Petroleum Division ; it imports & distributes Petroleum Products within the East & Central Africa region.

Logistics Division ; it provides the integrated services to the trade divisions entire supply chain and logistics from source to market.

Investments & Diversification; the company has diversified by equity investments in other sectors through wholly and jointly owned enterprises..

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